Photos by Stacy Fisher of Every September

Photos by Stacy Fisher of Every September

About Lizelly Meza

Hi, I'm Lizelly, a graphic designer and self-proclaimed personal growth junky serving people who yearn for a daily dose of inspiration.

Through my love of typography, color, and personal development, I help people discover the joy of pursuing curiosity in life.

I've always been a passionate seeker of answers to life's WHY questions. From a young age I knew there was more to life than the socially-imposed path. While I chose a creative career as a way to steer far from that path, I also kept my curiosity for the alternative private in fear of what others would think.


It's not until recently when I hit my mid-30's that I realized being true to who you REALLY are is the only way to live a fulfilled life. It's because of this realization that I started It's Me, Lizzy B. Not only as a way to document and make sense of the lessons learned, but to pursue my own curiosity and become a more enlivened version of myself.

“In the process, I hope to ignite a spark of inspiration in others for their own pursuit.”



Contribute to the experience of individuals living in inspiration


Help discover the joy of pursuing
curiosity in life


Bring about the betterment of our lives and thus the world



Curios to know more?

When I'm not designing an inspirational art print or writing up useful tips to help you make the best of a humdrum day, I can be found indulging in buttery French pastries at my favorite coffee shop, while dreaming up the perfect travel adventure with my husband by my side.

Here are 5 things you don't know about me:

  1. I don't drive nor have a license
  2. As a shy child, I never learned to ride a bike nor swim
  3. I was abandoned (hey, that's how I saw it) in Paris by my drama teacher with out money of my own
  4. Oprah was my baby-sitter when I was in elementary school
  5. Aside from enjoying those buttery French pastries on my day off, I can also be found lounging on the couch while I binge-watch steamy Telenovelas on Hulu
Photos by Stacy Fisher of Every September

Photos by Stacy Fisher of Every September


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