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Treasure—Allowing the Unexpected

Treasure—Allowing the Unexpected

Early morning walks were our meeting time. Me, swiftly strolling through the streets of North Park. She, tenderly putting one foot in front of the other, following her wheeled walker across a yellow street light. Both enjoying the early calm during our morning rituals. It would take months before we even stopped to speak a word, but these silent moments were truly a treasure to me.

Every day during my morning walk I would pass this sweet elder lady slowly-paced during her morning walk to church. We’d share a glance and smile, not saying a word. I would pass her heading out and then on my way back home, and she’d just be making it to her destination.

Months passed before she stopped me during a chilly winter morning, and I happily obliged her desire to chat. “I’m heading to church to meet my friends,” she said, “I do this every morning.” After a few words I asked her name, ‘Treasure” she said, not realizing that those early quiet moments of passing her during our walks were truly a treasure to me. I smiled with joy.

A few days before New Year’s we met again, she asked what my plans were, I mentioned they’d probably change last minute, but that we might go camping with friends. None-the-less, she said I’d still have fun.

Yet another couple weeks later, we met again, and to my surprise she remembered my name perfectly—not many remember Lizelly after just one time—and my plans with my husband and friends. That truly made my day. Although, she also confided in me that during the Holidays, she had been diagnosed with cancer, which had spread through-out her body, but she was in the best spirits anyone with that diagnosis could be.

That was the last time I saw Treasure. I like to think mostly because my early morning walk schedule changed, so I’m hoping she’s still heading to church, every morning at 7 am, happily walking, with one foot in front of the other, at her leisurely pace.

It’s in allowing the unexpected to happen that we get these bursts of daily joy.

It’s experiences like this that help me realize we need to appreciate it all. Allow it all to come into our lives for even the short time it exists. It’s in allowing the unexpected to happen that we get these bursts of daily joy.

Thank you for the sweet moments, Treasure. They sure were that to me.

With much love and gratitude,

Trust the Perfect Timing of Life

Trust the Perfect Timing of Life